Giving Back To Local Community At The Heart Of Dwayne Pope’s Non-Profit Efforts

Dwayne Pope Foundation

At the center of every non-profit organization is a mission to better the community it exists within. The two-fold effect of such groups is this: Those with a big heart find gainful employment with a non-profit and community members in need realize that someone is looking out for them. Dwayne Pope, founder of The Pope Foundation, fills the former role while his talented workers help out the latter group. The Pope Foundation, a Georgia-based domestic non-profit organization, was established in August 2017. In the mere months since then, Dwayne Pope and his dedicated staff have wasted no time identifying those in need and offered a plethora of services.

Among the initial outreach efforts that Dwayne Pope identified as first on the to-do list was playing host to local events. The idea here was that The Pope Foundation would be able to provide the venue for large gatherings so those of all ages could meet, greet, get to know each other and maybe find out about ways they too could work together. Next came the desire to engage in charitable giving ventures. According to The Atlantic magazine, the wealthiest Americans donated a little more than 1 percent of their income to charities in 2011. Conversely, those with incomes that fell toward the bottom 20 percent pitched in more than 3 percent. Dwayne Pope knew that he wanted to be among the latter group and has since identified a number of local organizations to offer charitable giving services to; he also disagreed on an emotional level with the fact that “the rich are way more likely to prioritize their own self-interests above the interests of other people,” as the article states.

During his search for local organizations worthy of support, Dwayne Pope came upon the Motherless Daughters Foundation. This mentoring program strives to support adolescents who, for whatever the reason may be, are coming up in the world without the nurturing of their birth mothers. Members of The Pope Foundation have frequently volunteered with the Motherless Daughters Foundation, which engages in enrichment, community involvement and social development programs. The objective here, according to the foundation’s website, is to “provide an environment that will build character, promote confidence, release charm and cultivate the beauty that each Motherless Daughter beholds.”

According to recent figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 11.4 million Americans were recently recorded as working for non-profit groups in the U.S. To Dwayne Pope, that’s an encouraging figure and one that he’s happy to have a part in as leader of The Pope Foundation.